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The Ultimate Guide to Your HVAC SystemSo, you’ve purchased your first HVAC system. You may be wondering, “What comes next?” In order to keep up with your new system (or even maintain an original!) you need to understand the basics of maintenance, cleaning, and adjustments that need to be made in order to keep your system functioning like new. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve put together a the ultimate guide to Your HVAC System to help keep your HVAC efficient and strong for years to come.

  1. Keep your thermostat set.

Constant thermostat adjustments raise utility costs that come with your HVAC system. Instead of forcing your system to raise and lower the temperature in your home, allow it to rest at a set temperature that keeps your home happy and comfortable. If changing the temperature in your home is something that you need to do, try to keep adjustments to a minimum (twice a day, at most) and maintain a small range of temperature change to keep from overworking your system.

  1. Avoid mold with proper cleaning conditions.

Molding HVAC systems can lead to damaged systems, restricted airflow, and potential health risks. Keep your HVAC system clean and free from mold with this checklist:

  • Replace your air filter.
  • Disinfect the HVAC system.
  • Maintain a cool (but not damp) room condition.
  • Keep all HVAC ducts dry.

Avoid the high cost of maintenance fees by keeping your HVAC system free from mold and bacteria.

  1. Allow proper airflow through ventilation fans.

The Ultimate Guide to Your HVAC SystemAvoid blocking your unit fan by not stacking objects on top of the system. Simple objects such as garden hoses, leaf bags, and yard tools can restrict airflow to your home quickly. By blocking airflow to your HVAC system, you run the risk of not getting full use of your HVAC—or jeopardizing the system entirely.

  1. Keep your HVAC system from freezing.

A frozen HVAC system is a useless HVAC system. In order to keep your system from freezing (and potentially being broken down completely), follow this simple checklist:

  • Change your filter monthly.
  • Increase the fan speed.
  • Monitor the condensate drain once weekly.
  • Ensure that your supply vents are open.

By following these steps, you can avoid irreversible damage that could be caused to your HVAC system. Watch for the hazard signs (visible ice on the system, ice resting on cooling coils, leaking refrigerant, etc.) to maintain a working system through colder months.



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