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Why My AC Won’t Turn OnOne of the best ways to keep your house at a comfortable temperature is having a working air conditioning unit, which is a must with our 100+ degree. For this reason it can be a big issue when your AC doesn’t turn on. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might be encountering these issues and what you can do about it.

Most Common AC Issues

Why My AC Won’t Turn OnFirst, in some cases you might have tripped a circuit breaker, which controls the electricity that the air conditioner receives, and it can easily be solved by resetting this switch, which should return the power to the unit. Another potential issue is a clogged air filter. When this occurs, the unit isn’t able to get enough air to cool down its internal components. When you ask yourself why my AC won’t turn on, there is no need to worry. Your AC won’t turn on temporarily to prevent itself from overheating. It’s easy for you to replace this filter yourself. You should be able to order a replacement filter through the manufacturer. Then, you can refer to the manual to guide you through the process of replacing the filter. Finally, you might not have the correct thermostat. These will communicate the current temperature and atmospheric conditions to you, allowing the air conditioner to choose the right settings. You will often need help from a professional in Phoenix, AZ, to overcome this, as they can upgrade your thermostat correctly.
Once you’ve checked these common issues, your air conditioner should start to work again. If after these checks it still doesn’t work you might ask why my AC won’t turn on. Thankfully, there are some less common reasons why the issue might be occurring. These can be solved by getting a professional to look at the AC unit.

Why My AC Won’t Turn OnBooking a Professional Assessment

One of the best ways to get to the bottom of your AC issues in Phoenix, AZ is by calling Diamond AC and Heating. There is a range of technical problems that might be causing these issues. For example, the wiring might get eroded over time. Alternatively, the machine might have run out of refrigerating fluid. Another potential problem, especially over the Phoenix, AZ winter, is an icy build-up. If the air filter gets clogged, the machine might suck in the colder, frigid air, which can cause internal components to freeze. With each of these problems, you will require the experience and skill of Diamond AC and Heating. We will be able to get your AC working again quickly. Also, we will be able to perform regular services, letting you spot and address potential issues sooner.


There is a range of common problems that might cause your AC to break down or prevent it from turning itself on. While some of these issues are easy to fix, some might require more experience to solve. In these cases, you should make sure to hire a professional in Phoenix, AZ. Diamond AC and Heating are the preferred HVAC providers for Phoenix. We will be able to get to the root of the problem helping your AC run smoothly for a long time. So if your AC is experiencing problems, call us today and get the best AC repair service in town.

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