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Your thermostat is the direct source of how to link and control the heating and cooling system in your home. If your home temperature is not aligned with the thermostat settings, then this triggers your thermostat to request to either turn the heat and cooling up or down accordingly. When this device is working correctly, you should have a comfortable home environment that completely coincides with the particular number you set the thermostat on.

However, thermostats are not immune to breaking or experiencing depreciation as the years go by. Like many gadgets, there are signs when they are going wrong or about to end its lifecycle. To help you with knowing if your home thermostat may need to be replaced, here are some of the main warning signs to look out for.

Your Furnace or AC Unit Will Not Start

If you are in the middle of winter and decide that you need some extra heat for your home to stay warm, it can be alarming when your furnace does not kick on when you adjust your thermostat. Before worrying about your unit being faulty, keep in mind that your thermostat could be the driver for this situation. Many times, digital thermostats come with a general warranty, so it could mean you do not have to pay for the replacement.

How to Tell If Your Home Thermostat Is BadYour Furnace or AC Unit Will Not Stop

Alternatively, if you turn down your thermostat to lower your home temperature, but the furnace is still pumping out heat, this is a major red flag that something is not right. Not only will you be uncomfortable, you may have to face an increased utility bill because of the extra energy being used. This is certainly a situation you never want to be in, but it could mean you have a bad thermostat. With these situations, quickly calling a professional for support would be the best way to rule out the main issue.

How to Tell If Your Home Thermostat Is BadThermostat is Unresponsive

It could be difficult to know right away if your thermostat is unresponsive or has no power if you have a nondigital one. You will most likely find out based on one of the first two warnings. However, if you have a touch one like Nest and the display is off with no signs of turning back on, it could mean a replacement is needed. Before diving into drastic measures, try replacing the batteries first. If it is still off, then call a professional to assess.


Thermostats are one of those vital household essentials that we tend to not pay much attention to unless it breaks. When something goes wrong, everyone who lives in the home will notice the distressing air temperature, making this quite an unpleasant experience. If you are having problems with this, do not immediately assume it is a furnace or AC issue. Your thermostat could be the culprit. Pay attention to the warning signs mentioned above to determine if it is time for a thermostat replacement to ensure your system is running efficiently.

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