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AC Maintenance Starting at $45

Maintenance Programs For Air Conditioning Systems

Diamond AC and Heating want to assure our customers achieve a comfortable atmosphere beyond a just a repair or installation with our AC Maintenance plan. While most people don’t realize the importance of Air condition maintenance, preventative maintenance is beneficial for many reasons. This includes saving energy, lowering the utility bill as well as improve home comfort with proper airflow.
Besides changing the air filter every few months and keeping your system clean, you should schedule a routine professional tune up for your home or business air condition. Did you know that most HVAC experts recommend that you have your Air condition system checked once a year, or twice a year if you have a cooling and heating system in one. Arizona extreme weather can be damaging on your A/C system due to dramatic temperature change.

AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Services in Phoenix

For optimal AC performance we recommend a tune-up in the spring to catch any problem before they become expensive breakdown during the 100 plus degree summer. Our maintenance services include:

  1. cleaning out debris from your machine
  2. Recharging your refrigerant
  3. checking the electrical control board
  4. checking thermostat settings
  5. tightening all electrical connections and measuring voltages
  6. lubricating all moving parts
  7. checking and inspecting the condensate drain
  8. cleaning and adjusting air blower components
  9. changing out air filters.

The air condition maintenance specialist at Diamond AC and heating assures high quality services and will make sure to keep your home and business air condition system running at a peak performance level year round.
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“We had a tune up done a week ago when it got cold and now our house is very comfy. The service was excellent and the work was done professionally, when they said they would do it and at a very good price.”

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AC Maintenance

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